AeroFocus Professional Gaming Headset – Bass Stereo Over-Ear Headphones

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The headphone is suitable for all kinds of game platforms, with more excellent sound and more comfortable on all game platforms. These include: smartphones, computers, laptop/notebook, Xbox one, PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, etc.


The AeroFocus headset, composed of 120 degree rotating Noise-Cancelling microphone, Soft memory protein earmuff and Adjustable headband, can be worn for a long time to maximize the comfort of the experience.In addition, a simple way to install, just plug the 3.5mm plug into the host.


The bass stereo surround design of the headset better ADAPTS to the audio drive, immersive experience, enhance the game experience, enjoy the fun brought by the game, and appreciate the high quality of the headset.


Headset integrated onmi-directional microphone can transmits high quality communication with its premium noise-cancelling feature, can pick up sounds with great sensitivity and remove the noise,which enables you clearly deliver or receive messages while you are in a game.


Clear sound operating strong brass, splendid ambient noise isolation and high precision 40mm magnetic neodymium driver, acoustic positioning precision enhance the sensitivity of the speaker unit, bringing you vivid sound field, sound clarity, shock feeling sound. Perfect for various games like Halo 5 Guardians, Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty, Star Wars Battlefront, Overwatch, World of Warcraft Legion, etc.


AeroFocus headphones can be used by a wide variety of people, including game lovers, music listeners, TV fans, etc., while the unisex, comfortable design can also be used as kid headphones.


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  1. Melanie C

    I’ve got to say, these are excellent quality headsets for the price. Ignore what many are saying about ‘poor audio’ or mic. I used these on some decent audio software on my media server, and they score up there with Bose and other high-quality triple-digit cost headsets. Super quality sound in the ear cups, and the mic is crystal-clear on the input side. The ONLY reason I gave these headsets a 4, instead of a 5, is that I read ‘noise-cancelling’ and expected a directional (or more directional than it is) microphone. This is NOT the case. If a mouse sneezes in the other end of the house, this microphone will pick it up (I swear, I thought I had a parabolic dish on the thing – and cupping my hand around it only made the acoustic pick-up WORSE, or better, depending on your viewpoint). If you have plans for a podcast recording studio, where you are using two or more of these simultaneously (routed through a multi-channel mixer), forget it! These will give you more echo-reverb as a result of that area-mic than a deep cave. If you want something to get quiet-time on some TV, or use VOIP phone software and want a comfortable Skype moment, then this is EXACTLY what you DO want. I can’t imagine better quality for under $30, but don’t put two of them into the same destination recording, unless you want to hear Carlsbad Cavern quality echo.* UPDATE *!4-months later, and these headphones are still working just as well as they did the first day I received them. They are used daily on both my cell phone and my PC (doing recording for various purposes). I’d guess they have 2,000 hours of use on them, at least. The ONLY problem I have found about them, is that the lower-half of the connection cord has ‘hardened’ from contact with body oils (from handling the cable a lot). It is as hard as a tree twig now, and the only way I could fix it, would be to either buy a new set (not going to happen) or have someone take them apart and replace the headphone lead (not going to happen). I’m buying another set, and am going to wrap the cord on the next pair with some spiral loom, so body oil won’t harden that cable – other than that, these headsets are, by far, the best I’ve ever had. Super comfy, still sound and record excellent!

    Melanie C

  2. Sean K.

    I have had these for over a year now!They are just amazing for the price. And you will not fine anything better for the price I have looked. I am a big tech guy and I do always look for the most value in gadgets and electronics.Pros:1. Extremely comfortable even after 8 hours of gaming, Cushion is very comfortable, a2. Durable. I have thrown this thing on the floor on a daily basis after i get done with gaming and my computer work. I take it to bed, sleep on it and it has yet to break. It actually looks pretty new after 1.5 years. Cushions and wires are still very new looking.3. Sound is clear. Sound is Deep, But not too deep, But its not over bearing in base. Mids and Highs are above average for a headphone in this price range. There was very little distortion if you put everything on max, at this point you should not even put the headphones near your ears, because they almost sound like speakers. Microphone is clear and I make skype and google calls with it all the time.4. inline sound control, This comes with an inline sound countrol to turn up or turn down the volume. Also mute and unmute the microphone. Extremely usefully in gaming. and also when watching movies and you don’t want to reach keyboard or mouse5. noise cancellation is decent. This doesn’t have active noise cancellation, but it sits all around my ear and gets rid of about 70% -90% of ambient noise while you are listening to it.6. Separate 3.5 mm jack for speaker and for microphone. I highly disklike USB headphone because they have tons of static due to the computer. however 3.5 jacks are much better.7. super long cord. I lie in bed while I watch TV and the cord is super long over 7 feet.8. These are light, they aren’t heavy and won’t bother your ears or your head.Con:1. I feel like the base can be a bit better. But I think you can change the settings on your pc to ramp up the base, I did this and the base SOUNDED AMAZING. I really cannot find any other cons. It looks, feels, and sounds great. you really won’t be disappointing.IF YOU’RE looking for a 300 quality headphone. You won’t find them in this. BECAUSE this isn’t a $300 headphone. But this easily competes with 70 and 80 dollar headphones.The quality of these headphones ARE VERY GOOD. what also makes a difference in sound is your computers hardware and sound card. If you have a cheap sound card. then you will get a cheap sound. I have a very good sound card, and am able to get very nice bass and very nice highs based on my settings.

    Sean K.

  3. Kenny M.

    Before you continue, note that I got mine new. If you buy used, your outcome may be different. It’s dirt cheap though, so no excuse to get it used unless you’re living in the Projects.For $15 (before shipping) you can’t really go wrong. Of course, if I could I would vie for a Turtle Beach since i’ve used a few pairs in the past and they were absolutely awesome, but I just son’t have that kind of budget yet. So I decided to say “why not?” and take the risk on a cheap headset like this. Fast forward about 2 weeks later…Shipping was on time. Upon opening the package, the Sades box itself was encased in an airbag and some bubble wrap. They definitely took their time protecting this; even the jacks had plastic caps. Packaging: Pass.The build quality doesn’t feel too cheap, feels relatively sturdy. I’m sure that a drop from a few feet would takw a chunk out or cause a crack, but I handle my equipment with care so I don’t see that in the forseeable (I think that’s how it’s spelled) future. The ear cushions are pretty comfy, and they fit around my ears perfectly. Top cushions also make this thing feel practically weightless. All of them are a little stiff due to being new, but after just a day I can feel them getting more comfortable by the minute, so wearing in shouldn’t be too bad. The cable is about 2 meters (roughly 6 feet) long, which gave me ample room to wire into the back of my computer. The jacks aren’t shorted or broken, and there’s no crackling. All the controls feel nice and sturdy, and are very responsive. Construction: Pass.Once plugged in, I decided to test it on some music before heading over to the gaming aspect. I tried some bass-heavy songs (Seek and Destroy by Metallica, original pressing of Holy Wars by Megadeth), and they sounded crisp and clear. Same for the more mid-scooped songs like The Frayed Ends of Sanity or Psychotron. Music: Pass.Now for what you all want to hear: how is it for gaming? Two topics covered here: Headphones and Microphone.Headphones:I decided to test a game with an absolutely perfect sound engine: Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm. Let’s just say that even on crappy headphones this game gave me flashbacks.But these? Even better. Footsteps, gunshots, explosions; everything pops and pans really well. Nothing sounds muffled unless it should be because of the game. I’d say the speakers in this headset are equal to the pictured Sony MDR-something-somethings, which were my primary headphones before the Sades. We also paid $60 or $70 for the Sonys. Gaming Audio: Pass.Microphone:This is where the “cheap” aspect comes in, but it’s still very good. Construction isn’t a problem. Even the audio isn’t a problem; it picks up my voice perfectly, and noise cancellation is decent (especially considering I’ve got a 16 inch fan 3 feet away and it doesn’t come through the mic at all). But don’t expect a Shure, especially at this price. It’s much better than the Sony MDR’s in-line mic, I will say that. Microphone: Pass.Like I said, for $15 you can’t go wrong; then again, I’m not terribly picky. For a first headset (coming from a guy whose first headset was a Turtle Beach X12, so many years ago), I’d definitely recommend this. Or if you need a cheap replacement, or something to hold you over until you save up a bit more (as am I) this is perfect. Not much to say that’s negative, other than the shipping being over half the cost of the actual headset, nearly doubling the price, but what can you do?

    Kenny M.

  4. GuessI’llReviewThis

    I purchased a pair of these September 2014. Now getting close to 2 years later and they’re still working great. Both mic and sound are fine, and the headset plastics/foam are still in good shape (just a bit looser from the amount of drops and rough handling), but still comfy fitting and in tact! It’s not the best quality, but for basic working sound and voice chat it works. As a heavy gamer, I’ve gone through about 5 pairs of headsets, from pricier $100+ sets that would have plastic pieces fail or snap over enough use, to these cheaper sub $15 ones. Funny enough these cheapos have probably lasted the longest of all my headsets so far. I’m buying a 2nd set for my son now and decided to give this review at the same time. So we’ll see how long the 2nd pair lasts too. Recommended for the budget conscious gamer, or those tired of paying for pricier headphones that break after less than a year, and are fine with lesser quality, cheaper, more disposable ones like these.


  5. SalvadorS

    I know I’ve seen a review of someone saying that this headset was tiny, but just like the hot soup, the waitress told you not to touch that last time you went to a restaurant. I decided to buy it to really see how small it was. I wasn’t expecting this think to be as tiny as it is. This thing can probably sit on my eleven-year-old niece’s head with no problem, but my head is pretty damn big. I usually have to get hats in the large/extra large size to put it into perspective. When I wear this headset, it doesn’t even cover my ears, in fact, it actually squishes them to my skull because it’s such a tight fit. I could only wear them for a few minutes before I couldn’t stand the pain anymore.So, yeah. I mean they work, but if you have a medium to large size head, then avoid this at all costs. The price isn’t worth the pain, literally.​


  6. M. Aquino

    I was looking for a decent gaming headset since the headsets that I have are for music and get a little uncomfortable after a couple of hours for gaming. I consider myself a bit of an audiophile so I wanted something with good sound but I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a high end headset. I read the reviews about this guy here and took a chance and bought it. So glad I did.The headset is a good size and fits perfectly over my ears and I consider myself to have a medium to large head. Wore it for about 4 hours non-stop and never had a problem with it hurting my head or ears. I didn’t have a problem with my ears feeling steamy after a while like similar headsets I have tried. It has a volume control and mic on/off switch. The feature I like a lot it that the mic will fold up into the headset so it is not always visible or even in the way like many other headsets I saw before. The cord is fairly long which allows me to get up and stretch, stand up or even move back a couple of feet from my computer. This allows a lot of flexibility to move and get comfortable unlike other headsets that have the standard 3 to 6 foot cord which can be rather short if plugging it into the back of your computer and forces you into the hunchback position where you have to be very close to the desk and makes long sessions uncomfortable.The sound quality is way better than I expected. I do use an equalizer to adjust the sounds to my taste but even without it the sound is deep, rich and detailed. The highs are crisp and detailed and the bass is deep and rich. I would never have expected this sound from a headset costing less than $20 so it goes to show you don’t have to spend a lot to get a lot. I can’t really comment much on the mic sound quality since I have not used it for gaming but I have used it on Skype and have not received any complaints from people I am calling. With another headset that I used before people would always ask me to repeat myself because they could not hear me clearly due to interference or because it would pick up too much background noise.I have only had the headset for approximately a month so I cannot comment on durability but it looks like it would last quite a while if take care off. It is definitely a cheap headset so while it does not have the high quality feel of a $100 headset it doesn’t feel like it will break if I drop it or kick it. If you are on a budget and want some headphone that have great sound, comfortable and study get these.

    M. Aquino

  7. dana

    I’m not a heavy PC gamer, so i don’t have much expertise in head sets, but this one seems pretty good for the price.The sound quality is better than i expected for the 20$ i paid; however, i’ve mostly been using it for shooting games, so i’ve not done enough testing to see how it compares to the more expensive headphones i have for more ‘serious’ audio applications. The microphone is more than sufficient for in-game chat, Vent, Skype, &c.The design is pretty good. Nice colour combination, not too ‘extreme’-looking. The mic boom stays out of the way. The plastic parts feel cheap and clack around a lot when you’re not wearing them, but i haven’t had any issues with that when it’s on my head.The little ‘remote’ is kind of irritating — it is WAY bigger than it needs to be, and there’s no clip or anything, it just kind of hangs there. The plastic is cheap enough that it’s not super heavy, but it does bother me a little. I don’t like the idea of the remote for something like this anyway; i feel like i have more than enough software options to control volume and mic input, so i don’t think i’ll ever use it; it’s just a useless part that will probably break some day. Maybe it’s more useful on consoles.The cushioning feels nice, and the fit is good on my (i guess?) ‘standard’-sized head, but i wish the ear cups were maybe a few mm wider and deeper, since it starts hurting my ears after i’ve worn it for a while.Note: You can see it in the photos, but just to be clear, this is NOT a USB head set — it has separate 3.5 mm plugs for the headphones and the microphone. If you have a MacBook (or probably any other lap-top that doesn’t have a dedicated microphone socket), you will need to buy an adaptor to convert the two separate plugs into a single four-conductor plug, which you can find on Amazon. (You can also buy one that converts to USB.) Most desk-top machines, including Macs, seem to have separate microphone sockets, but you should check first.Over-all i think it’s certainly worth purchasing if you’re a casual PC gamer.


  8. Think again

    In the 3-odd years that I’ve owned this pair of headphones, they’ve stood the test of time – and well at that. For about $20 (roughly the price when I purchased them in 2015), you get surprisingly high-quality sound and many features usually exclusive to much more expensive headsets. These have stood up to many different occasions of abuse; I’ve tripped on the cable, yanked it because it got stuck under one of my chair’s wheels and I didn’t realize and tried to sit up after putting them on, dropped them (albeit on carpet, but they make quite a loud sound when you drop them), they’ve withstood being in a tight-packed box and moving across the country with me, and have STILL yet to display any signs of age, both visually and in performance. From the few times I’ve used the built-in mic (I have a Blue Yeti, so there’s no real point), I can confidently say SADES didn’t cheap out on anything when they built this.TL;DR: I’ve had these headphones for over 3 years, and they sound and look as great as they did in 2015. Practically a steal for about $20. Would highly recommend.

    Think again

  9. A

    Ive had these for over a year now and mainly use them for gaming/editing video. Overall, I think its a great deal for the price. It’s as pictured and looks nice with the blue trimming. I like the adjustable sound and on/off switch half way down the cord. Havent had any issues with the sound or mic. The only thing that bugs me is that they dont completely cover my ears. They are a tad small and rest on top of my upper ear lobe. I don’t mind this for short term use but when Im gaming and Im wearing them for several hours, I feel my ear lobe aching from the pressure it puts on them. And to put it into perspective, I have average size ears. But for the price, its a win.


  10. Samantha

    So, I was very skeptical of this headset. I’ve had an Astro A40 for about ten years, and I definitely viewed this headset as a downgrade. I wasn’t happy with the way the Astro company was going with their quality though (I actually bought A50’s and ended up returning them because they were made poorly).This headset is actually fantastic. It’s light, but does not feel fragile in the least. I was doing a raid on Destiny, and I actually got freaked out when I heard a frightening scream at one point. Turns out it had been in the game the entire time, and I had just never heard it on the Astro headset. The quality of sound is great as well.The reviews that say it’s ill-fitting also had me concerned, but I think those reviewers maybe just did not understand how it adjusts to your head. It’s actually very comfortable in that regard. It’s kind of “form-fitting” in a way. The band that rests on your head slides up and down on its own to fit your head just right. And it’s firm once in place.Also, something that no one else has mentioned is the output quality. People I know in real life and also game with have told me that this headset makes my voice sound more clear and like my normal self.The only drawback for me, and not big enough of a deal to drop a star, is that the cushions squeak against the arms of my glasses occasionally when I move my head.