AudioXR True Wireless Earbuds – Bluetooth Sweatproof Headphones w/ Portable Charging Case

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🎧 3D Stereo Sound with Deep Bass

Double noise reduction and lossless HD rendering design provides Bluetooth headset a high quality sound with deep bass. No noise interference, AudioXR true wireless earbuds will give amazing Hi-Fi music to you.

🎧 Stable Connectivity & No Delay

V4.2 wireless headphones make sure stable connection and enhanced Bluetooth earpiece connecting speed and range up to 33 feet. Sensitive microphone keep clearly call, no delay, amazing to use.

🎧 Comfortable & Secure Wearing

Ergonomic shape design and light weight of noise cancelling headphones can stay in ear stably when sporting. Best soft earbuds can protect ears from hurting, even long time wear. It’s perfect for sports, business or enjoying music.

🎧 Enhanced Battery

Bluetooth earbuds for running last 8-10 hours playing time when fully charged. 450mAh charging dock can provide 3 additional times for two earbuds. Small like lipstick, easy to carry.

🎧 Multipoint Pairing & Compatibility

Bluetooth earbuds with charging case can support multipoint pairing with two devices at the same time. Compatible with all Bluetooth devices: iPhone, Samsung, Android. etc


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  1. Bi

    This earbud is easy to pair with. I have tried couple of other earbuds but this one produces a deep bass that I was particularly looking for in terms of sound quality. It is light weight and fits comfortably in my ears. 3+ hours of play time is good enough for me.Some cons are while on call, only one earbud is active. I personally prefer to listen on both ears while I communicate on phone. It was little difficult to open the earbud case at first and I was using lot of strength to open it but once you know the trick, it is easy. Be sure to read the instruction manual as it has got useful information related to the use of product.


  2. LaTasha Garcia

    I purchased these for my husband and he absolutely loves them. He brags all the time about the sound quality the convenience of how small they are, the fact that he has 2 so he does not have to use both at once if he chooses not to and then have the second for later when the battery runs out. The seller even followed up on the purchase a lot sooner than most and was very nice. I am now considering purchasing some of these for myself, I would recommend.

    LaTasha Garcia

  3. Larry Mares

    I seriously wasnt expecting much. My $200 headset broke and i needed something right away for my workouts. I am absolutely floored by the sound quality and comfort. The bass is better than anything ive had before. I have gone throuh every name brand (high end) ear bud you can think of. After experiancing these I feel like a fool for wasting so much money. These are incredible!!!

    Larry Mares

  4. Marty

    They were a little hard to figure out how they worked at first but then once they were connected to my phone they worked great! Good sound quality and comfortable to wear. When answering the phone the volume seemed to be very quiet but it really wasn’t a huge issue.


  5. Craig Grant

    I actually had a pair of earbuds I had paid more for. they recently died on me. plus they never sounded good. these Haomuk ear buds were $20 cheaper and of way more quality. the sound is great. the battery is reliable and they’re well made. will definitely recommend.

    Craig Grant

  6. Anna V

    Noise canceling is considerably well, taking into account its size, I’ve taken them with me jogging and they sound great and stay in my ears. The charge lasts about 5 hours I think, and the small case acts as a portable extra battery charger. It’s a great product for the amount of money, phone calls work well, and there appears to be no echo or noise problems. Not having any wires at all is really awesome as well. Customer service is great and replied to me the same day, and resolved my issue.

    Anna V

  7. jairo piantini

    Great product

    jairo piantini

  8. CraftyAndy

    These work so good! Battery last a while too! I’ve used them for a total of 4hours without them dying on me yet. Not sure how long the battery lasts without having to recharge. Sound quality of top of the line, as good or better than my solo beats. Highly recommend! The charging case is awesome too. Easy to carry and charge. The fit is comfortable to wear all days work.


  9. One Off Rod & Custom

    Not sure how to edit my last review.I bought these earbuds and was very excited to receive them. They fit perfectly in my ears and the sound was great. They are a tad bulky but the fit it perfect and they don’t fall out. However, they stopped charging. After contacting the seller, their customer service was TOP notch and very respectful and responsive to me. That means a lot to me!

    One Off Rod & Custom

  10. Bossy

    After having a heart attack, I now work out a couple of times a week, and had been using a pair of Bose noise cancelling earphones (which are amazing, but wired), to listen to podcasts that my son does every Friday…A couple of weeks ago, while jogging on the treadmill I was trying to hold the earphone wires as they were flapping around on my chest and I must have strayed off the mat, cos the next thing I knew I was at the back of the treadmill and my iphone and earbuds came flying off and went smack on the floor, and I almost went on my backside trying to save them…That was it… earbuds for me now… so i did the research and these came up as being one of the best ones for the price..They are good noise cancelling (not quite as good as the Bose, but then i never expected them to be equal), but the sound is excellent.The instructions that come with them is not in the best English language and could be improved, so here are my findings.1) To connect the earbuds to your iphone, press both buttons on the earbuds at the same time till they both start flashing red/white, you will then connect to your bluetooth.. it takes a second or two, but will work… but…2) When you are done listening, you need to press both earbud buttons until they both go red.. then your earbuds will be off…3) To reconnect to your iphone, you only need to connect the right earbud to your iphone by pressing the earbud button till it goes flashing white.. when that happens the right one (the dominant one) is connected… you then press the left earbud button till it goes white too… that connects the left earbud to the right earbud and you are in business…I would recommend these to anyone wanting to start using earbuds.. Also I understand their support is good if you have any problems with them…UPDATE:Unfortunately after a couple of weekes the right earbud battery wasn’t holding its charge very long, as the 30 day warranty had expired I couldn’t reach their customer support email for help (mailbox full message) so i called Amazon who agreed to give me a refund once i send them back.Sad to have to reduce my rating because of the battery issue.I do see they have developed a newer model now, but i cant comment on those as mine were the older model