Bermuda PRO Gaming Headset – LED Light-Changing Headphones for PS4, Xbox, PC, 3.5mm Wired

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The 360°mic retractable which can give you a more comfortable experience during the games.


Ear cushions of soft sport PU leather and large size give you a noise isolation environment. Lightweight design is more comfortable for long time wearing.


This gaming headset is professionally designed -giving you an immersive 360-degree stereo sound experience, more clear and more strong rhythm while playing games.


This gaming headset with 3.5mm connector is suitable forPC, laptop. And with an extra adapter cable in package, it can also be applied onPS4, Xbox One, PSP, iPhone 6/6 Plus, Samsung S5, S4, LG, Xiaomi, iPad, tablet, etc.


The 3.5mm Double spring plugs and gold plating USB plug design can greatly protect the headset cables.


  1. Type: Over-ear
  2. Speaker diameter: φ50mm
  3. Impedance: 32 ohm
  4. Sensitivity: 1110dB3dB
  5. Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
  6. Mic Dimension: φ120mm
  7. Microphone impedance: ≤2.2KΩ
  8. Plug: 3.5mm plugs for mic and headset/audio
  9. Cable length: 2.2M


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  1. Amazon Customer

    The sound volume is low, and using the PC adapter made it even lower. Nowhere near the quality of my Audio-Technicas. I bought these for the microphone, which was okay, but not clear enough to operate Microsoft Speech Recognition. All in all, they did not do what I needed. Pay a few more dollars for a better product.

    Amazon Customer

  2. Dan

    Malwarebytes and windows security essentials both say the “software” this tries to install is a virus when using on windows 10… I did not allow it to proceed after that


  3. Gabriel Baron

    My daughter needed new headphones for school (she’s in first grade and they use iPads for some lessons). She wanted something flashy and fun, but I wanted to get her something that fit her head, were comfortable and sounded good. We compromised and I picked these out. They checked off all of our needs by being adjustable and light-up (via multicolored LED lights in the earphones) as well as clear sounding and affordable. She was far more impressed with these than her old ones (a nice gaming headset I had for my Xbox One) and is the only kid in her class with “disco headphones”. We’re both happy and she’s officially a “cool kid” (her words, not mine).

    Gabriel Baron

  4. Brian Collins

    The sound quality on these headsets are terrible on ps4 even if the volume is maxed out, the headset is really big on my ears and the cord is long and thick (PAUSE) the mics sound quality is good despite these issues. My headset stopped working after 2 months.

    Brian Collins

  5. Gerald P. Mitchell

    There’s nothing great about these–if the price were raised to mid-range you shouldn’t buy them–but as the cheapest of cheap headsets, they’re *outstanding*.The drivers aren’t super powerful, but they do the job and aren’t too tinny or rattly; you probably don’t want to turn them below max volume most of the time, but there is a dial on the left headphone if you want to try unsuccessfully to hear something in the room.They aren’t noise cancelling, but they’re very heavily cushioned and the “stretchy headband” shape prevents you from shifting them away from your ears, so they do block/drown out ambient sound like people trying to talk to you pretty well/relentlessly. And the snug band and heavy earpads make them warmer than a cozy winter hat!For some bizarre reason, the wire between the two cans isn’t fixed on or embedded into the topmost, inflexible headband, it’s instead stitched up to the elastic pleather one that snugs onto your head, meaning that flimsy little wire is getting a lot of unnecessary flexing; I anticipate trouble with that in the future but haven’t had them long enough yet for it to hurt.The cord is pretty much standard rubber insulation, but it’s textured a bit, I think to be reminiscent of braided insulators. It’s way thicker, stiffer, and more “sticky” than you expect headphone cords to be; it has some weight behind it if it thumps into you as you move your head around. This is why I say the placement of the other flimsy cord is bizarre, because this one seems meant to be “super heavy duty”.. I can’t see this cable ever getting the conductor inside broken, and that awful “I have to hold it like this to hear anything” problem probably won’t ever happen. It would be difficult to bend the cord sharply enough to kink it, and in most situations I think this headset would be yanked off your head by the cord rather than the cord being stressed.I’m not using these as a computer headset, because my headset for the computer uses USB for both the digital audio signal and powering the lights. This one uses USB just for power, but does have separate mic and headphone plugs to connect to a sound card next to its usb power port. For plugging into a controller, though, it needs a flimsy little dongle to consolidate those two connections, and that’s definitely the weakest link in the package. THAT one’s made of easy-to-fail thin wires with little strain relief, and I’m already having a little trouble getting a consistent connection through it (nothing a little wiggling doesn’t fix; it’s just not a snug & secure fit on at least one of the 3 plugs I think.) For me, the USB connector is just a vestigial tail that gets in the way a little bit, flopping around on that stiff wire like it is.I haven’t looked at the lights so I don’t know if they’re cool. The mic seems to work pretty well on its 100% flexible stalk, but I haven’t listened to myself through it beyond a volume check. Nobody has complained that I’m hard to hear or cutting out/staticky so far, though, so I think it’s a fine microphone. I’m pretty sure the person who wrote the description/ad copy doesn’t know what “retractable” means, though; I do not see any means by which the flexible stalk can be reeled in or reduced at all, it just bends in any direction.

    Gerald P. Mitchell

  6. Selvin Mendoza

    Well, what can i say, i’m surprised of how well they worked, I mean yes the materials are a little cheapo, but I mean for 12 bucks I got a lot more than expected, the lighting effects are a nice extra, the cable construction could be better with a sleeved kind of reinforcement, but still.My one and only complaint would be that the came in a bag, like a plastic Zipp bag instead of at least a simple brown box (that would have been better).Other than that i consider them Great for the price, i would buy them again for sure.i got 3 of them and thinking of getting 3 more.

    Selvin Mendoza

  7. Aaron Bacon Tucker

    The lights work, the headphones work, but no matter how I connected the headset, the mic was never detected. Tried with and without adapter to xbox controller, PC and phone, all with the same results. No mic detected. At least the lights work.

    Aaron Bacon Tucker

  8. LaDonnaLloydJR

    My son and I chose this because of their price and decent reviews. We purchased this for a family friend whose head set quit working I was a little worried because of how cheap they are so I let my son open and try them before we give them to someone else. He said that there is static sound to them and that he tried them with two different controllers and still heard the sound. He said if the cord moves on them then the static comes back. The little boy was desperate to get them so he could get back to live gaming so we gave them to him anyway but they aren’t the best.


  9. Jackie

    Product was much more massive that shown in the pictures. It was expensive for a pair of gaming headset that broke within 2-3 weeks after use. Broke as in one side stopped working completely and the other is hard to hear and very staticy. It was also very bulky and had many wires connected to it that we’re also very short to be useful or needed. The padding of the headset was very uncomfortable.


  10. Misty M.

    We got a pair for my daughter who absolutely love them. My son tried hers and love them so much he wanted to set for himself. Both sets are fabulous very comfortable. We would buy again we haven’t had one problem with them

    Misty M.