BOBCAT Over-Ear Gaming Headphones – Lightweight Noise Cancelling Headset w/ Mic

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🎧 High Quality Sound & Microphone

Built-in powerful 40mm magnetic neodymium driver pursues a more immersive experience when wearing this microphone headset; high sensitive microphone with omni-directional noise reduction tech to collect your voice clearly, and guarantee loud & high quality voice talks in-game or online chat.

🎧 Noise-Cancelling Mic Function

High sensitive microphone with omni-directional noise reduction tech, reduces distracting background noise, to collect your voice clearly. And noise-cancelling microphone guarantee loud & hig quality voice talks in game or online chat.

🎧 Universal Compatibility

Supports PlayStation 4, Xbox One/Ones/Onex, Nintendo Switch/3DS, PC, Laptop and other devices, thanks to the 3.5mm jack which can apply to more devices flexibly. (Xbox 360 not included)

🎧 Ultra Comfortable

Skin-friendly protein leather helps reduce heat and moisture build-up. Soft earcup covers designed to keep your ears feeling comfortable, with updated memory foam around ear cushions fits all gamers at any age, and offers wearing comfort. Let you focus on the game, you may even forget that you wear headset.


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  1. Tsering Youdon

    As Expected

    Tsering Youdon

  2. Debbie Lowry

    I use the headset for hours every day, almost exclusively for phone calls. The padding is comfortable and the weight does not bother me even after hours of use. On those occasions when I use the headset for listening to music, the built-in volume control comes in handy. The speakers”color” the sound a bit, something like analog stereo speakers used to do, but the effect is not a failing for me. The sound cancellation is minimal, and the microphone is not very directional, soif you are in a noisy environment, they may not be for you.

    Debbie Lowry

  3. Lora Spangle

    I purchased two headsets for my daughter and myself. I find that the headset is very comfortable and the sound quality is great. I can hear in-game footsteps and NPC conversations ‘in other rooms” which extremely helpful. The mic on the headset is clear and receptive (no muffling or buzzing). I would purchase again.

    Lora Spangle

  4. Stephanie Doerr

    These work fantastic whether playing online with people or getting a party together to play some games in the same house. We have four xboxes and we have four of these units and we all played Diablo together with no issues at all. It was a blast! We were playing without these, but it just wasn’t as immersive or helpful to eachother without a good way to communicate (in our house we were yelling lol). They are comfortable and light weight, but the sound is very good with no echoing as long as you are not sitting too close to somone else. We were all playing in seperate rooms and we had no echoing issues, only when we would go into each other’s rooms there would be interferance. These will work perfect, if you have the newer style xbox controllers with the 3.5mm plug-in. If you have an older xbox controller, you will need to get an adapter for it. This is the perfect headset for any family looking for one without spending a sacrificial amount.

    Stephanie Doerr

  5. noble

    This is a comfortable, high-fidelity pair of headphones with great sonic range, and an impressive level of noise cancelling on the mic.I can use this on a PS4,PC, Mac, PS, Phone,Switch with equal ease. There was nothing to set-up. It is truly plug and play. Well done!


  6. Pete Kell(e)y

    First of all, the customer support is AWESOME! – I got my headset a few days after I ordered it. Besides the most decent appearance, this has got to be one of the best(sound wise/quality) and most awesome looking headsets there and for a very sweet price. I mean a price like that for a headset like this is very cheap. I repeat…the price is very cheap for what this headphones worth. If youre a gamer and do not want to spend a crap ton of money for a decent headset, you might want to try this. I wear it more often now rather than my $200 dollar one. Im telling you guys, great sound quality and the looks just makes it perfect! By the way,It is not only suitable for my ps4, but also perfect compatible with my switch and phone(no trouble with multiple plugs), this is one of my biggest gains, so it is almost inseparable from me.

    Pete Kell(e)y

  7. corey

    I liked this headset because it was comfortable to wear. I was able to use it with my iPhone to talk using the microphone and received clear reception. When using it the listen to music, I received clear reception. As far as noise canceling it was ok, but if you have music playing or noise from gaming it would probably block out background noise. I Noticed that while using it in a phone call I could hear others in my room talking. But phone calls would not be as noisy as music or gaming sound. For the price this is a good deal.


  8. bintian

    Lol,They have pretty good bass and sound, mircrophone sounds good also love how you can retract the microphone, also another good thing about these headphones is if u wear glasses the headphone kushin is soft to were it won’t hurt after long periods of time. Hope my review help in anyway possible. :)Have a nice day!!!


  9. ingrid sandoval

    These headphones are perfect, I love the way they sound the microphone is perfectly place to use it for speaking or flip it up so it’s out of your way , Works great with my iPad works great with my gaming system, I’m glad I took a chance on purchasing these Walmart knowing the actual name brand i must say that they surpassed all my expectations.

    ingrid sandoval

  10. rosario

    This is the WORST headset EVER. You can hear, but the sound quality is TRASH. And you have to buy a separate piece of the headset if you want to use it with PC. DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY ON THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE.