Hi-Fi Bluetooth Earbuds – Sweatproof In-Ear Wireless Headphones w/ Mic

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Incredibly lightweight and small, they weigh only 0.45 ounces and their measurements are 33 x 49 x 27 mm. Their petite design and the over-ear hook provide you with the perfect and most comfortable fit!


The Hi-Fi wireless earphones have more than 15 functions, which you can easily operate from the built-in buttons. You can now answer calls and change track and volume with one single move!


You can now run and work out without having to carry your phone in order to listen to music or answer calls. The Hi-Fi Bluetooth earphones are wireless and they can work from a 10m distance, so you won’t have to deal with tangled wires ever again!


Once you charge the powerful 180mah rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery for 1 – 2hrs, you can use the in-ear headphones for about 8-10 hours with a stand-by time of 160 hours, so you won’t have to charge them frequently.


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  1. sarah

    I bought these earbuds for running because my other pair of wireless headphones were too heavy and would hurt my ears after a while. This set is very lightweight and stayed in place while running. I run with my phone in a running belt, the buttons on the right earbud make it easy to control volume and pause/play/skip songs. They sound great too, so far I am very impressed with this purchase! I’m thinking about buying a second pair to use around the house or for travel.


  2. Jenni

    Love, love, love these earphones! I have owned AYL in the past, but with two kids I tend to lose or break them (totally our fault, of course). I go through these fairly quickly so it’s REALLY important to me to be able to get a high quality set that is not too expensive. I love listening to audiobooks, music, podcasts, etc. with these earphones. The signal is pretty good, and I only lose it when I am in the complete opposite side of my 2,000 sf. condo from the source. Not bad in terms of reach. For the most part, however, I’m much closer than that. They’re great at cancelling out other noise if I’m on a walk or my kids are watching TV while I’m cleaning/listening something in the meantime.I love the little carrying case they come with, although I need to try to be better about using it. The buds and cord fit nicely inside, and it has a little pocket to store extra bud covers if you would like. The outer shell is a soft but sturdy material so it will protect the buds while they’re inside.It’s pretty easy to pair these and I love that there are volume controls on them so I don’t have to go all the way to the source to adjust the volume. I only had one isolated incident where I walked away too far from the source and when I came back it didn’t connect properly again. I had to unpair and re-pair in order to get it to work correctly again. Minor issue in my view, and really the only problem I’ve had with these so far. These will definitely be my go-to from now on if something (read: children/hectic mom life) happens to this set.


  3. Carrie

    I am so pleased with these earphones! I guess I am slow getting onto the bluetooth earphones train, but I know now what I was missing out on. These earphones are so comfortable. I can wear them for a long time and not feel any discomfort or irritation. The inside ear pieces are soft and flexible and fit deep inside the ear with no slippage.I had no trouble getting these earphones connected to my phone. I think it’s a cool feature that they can connect to more than one device at a time as well.These earphones are a great value and I am glad I purchased them. I would buy again as a gift!


  4. June

    these are GREAT earphones. The trick is, you have to really tuck them into your ear to get the full effect of the sound. once you do, trust me, it sounds powerful. these are great if you’re trying to zone out and surround yourself with music, whether it be while you’re working out or watching something on your phone.In addition, these earphones designed to go around the back of your neck are so convenient. you just pull them off and let them dangle when you don’t need them.the earphones charge fairly quickly with the cables that come with the product. overall, it’s a great pair to have for everyday use!


  5. Diamond Girl

    I have used at least 2 different bluetooth headphones before around the $10 price point which were all very mediocre, Therefore, when I got these I wasn’t expecting a lot other than a cheap pair of headphones to work out with that hopefully didn’t fall out.These ear buds exceeded my expectations! Not only did they not fall out and fit comfortably the sound quality blew me away!! For only $10?! I will definitely buy these again if I ever lose my current pair!

    Diamond Girl

  6. Erica

    Good little headphones. Lightweight, clear sound, no static during phone calls. I pick things up because my last set had problems during phone calls and this one did not to the same location. I really like that I can wear these on my ears without pressing the buds into my ears to keep them on. I can still clearly hear what’s going on from the headphones while having a conversation with someone as well. No ringing or negative effects from use like traditional earbuds. I’m a personal shopper and walk and run 35 thousand steps per day and they did not fall off once.


  7. lmwlpw

    I had earlier given it 2 stars. Though, I’d initially reported that I liked them, very comfortable. Worked well quite a long distance from the phone ( other side of gym) They’d stopped taking a charge after just under a month of service. I contacted customer service and they are sending out a replacement, which is nice. I really want to like them. Will update after I have the replacement more than a month or so.Received quickly. Unfortunately would not take a charge from the get go. I wanted to like the because comfortable buuutttt, they never worked .


  8. Mo Russ

    Soooo, I brought the first one and it worked perfectly for the price for about a month The fit was nice, the sound was great, and I could make calls. Then it just stopped working. HOWEVER, what fantastic customer service this company has!! They sent me a new pair. Honestly, Even if it does stop working, I can not speak badly about a company that read my review and sent me a new pair of headphones. No questions asked and unexpectedly. Congrats to them!!!! Unfortunately, over the years, I have purchased many products from many companies and experienced many defected items and never recouped my money or was able to receive a new product.THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!

    Mo Russ

  9. BluePanda

    I bought these for running. I do have relatively small ears and honestly have trouble finding well fitting ear buds. However, usually the smallest bud pieces that come with ear buds work well enough. Not with these. These were uncomfortable not moving and just wouldn’t stay in hardly jogging let alone running. The price was good so I passed them off to my hubby. He has big or average sized ears and actually found himself needing the biggest pieces to stay put. The middle size just wouldn’t stay put. The range also isn’t amazing. His phone in the wrong pocket would make the music cut in and out. While affordable — I probably should have just sent them back. They’ll work if you’re not planning on running or moving around a lot. But your phone/device needs to be pretty close to work.


  10. Steven Kearney

    To put it simply you won’t find a better brand under $50. I’ve owned a pair of AYL headphones now for 3 YEARS. I travel for a living (this year alone I’ve flown across the country 23x). The old set has been my go to till I just got these in. The battery even on a 3 year old set is still well over 5 hours, the fit is comfortable and seals in your ear to block out noises and most importantly the sounds quality. I’ve tried several of the $15-50 Bluetooth headphones and have yet to find a brand that can match the cleanliness of the AYL. Music just sounds crisp and smooth with no weird highs or lows. Speaking more to my older set they have survived sweat, rain, abuse in my travel bag, getting caught and me yanking on to cord, just ruthless. As soon as I put these new ones on I was sold, I finally fell like if the old ones ever do die I now have a solid follow up. Honestly don’t waste your time on the MPOW or other generic brands, buy these and be done.

    Steven Kearney