iRED Wired Tangle-Free Flat Cord Earbuds – Ergonomic In-Ear Headphones with S/M/L Eartips

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Earphones with ergonomic angular design and soft & premium eartips not only give you a comfortable listening experience but also less likely to fall out even when you are running, hiking or jogging. It comes with 3 different size of eartips (S/M/L), you can choose a better one to fit your ears


Stereo earphones produces Premium Stereo Sound, high-fidelity sound with enhanced bass. Everyone can take their music listening experience to the next level.


Soft and durable flat cable is built to last and designed to resist tangling for frustration-free use. The tangle-free cord stores neatly and keeps you connected to your device in smooth, simple style. Slim & extended 3.5mm connector is small enough that it will not conflict with your phone case cutout and is more durable than L type connector


Strong bass, comfortable earbud headphones with a great seal which minimize outside noise so you can hear the beats clearly. The perfect portable earbud headphones offer sleek style and an excellent on-the-go choice for keeping you in sync with sound that inspires. 


3.5mm audio jack compatible with any 3.5mm audio devices (smartphones, laptops, gaming systems, and almost all sound-playing devices).


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  1. JL Stewart

    I bought these for my 13 yr old daughter. She uses them with her iPad, iPod and laptop. The earbuds fit better than most in her ear. They are snug, don’t fall out easily, and are comfortable to wear. The sound quality is clear and the cord is stronger than most earbuds (some more expensive). She prefers these over previous earbuds. I will purchase more for my other children to use with their devices as the ones we’ve purchased in the past do not seem to last very long.

    JL Stewart

  2. Buster

    I use them on a mini amp for my electric guitar to practice without disturbing others. These earbuds don’t have a mike so they have the three band connector that is compatible with my mini amp, and other devices without mikes. When I plug a set of earbuds that have mikes, the 4 band connection only gets audio in one side.The audio is good. Actually great for the price. The bass is weaker than on a high end set of headphones. It’s actually present, but I have to press the earbuds against my ears to get a good seal in the ear canal to hear it well. You’re mileage may vary if they fit your ears better. The higher frequencies are excellent. Voice, like in news and movies, is crystal clear. They seem to be well made and durable. Nice flex in the cable. Packaged very good. Came with a Velcro fastener which makes it easier to keep it coiled and neat for storage.


  3. H. Levine

    I use a lot of earbuds for podcast listening, so speech quality is the only range I’m interested in. The molded 2-1 cord is heavier than my go-to Panasonic earbuds. So the weight could be a disadvantage for sports activity bouncing around as a previous reviewer stated. On the flip side the flat 2-1 cord has some advantages, one being you can snake the flat cord under a shirt and plug it in a pocket. I also sleep with earbuds and this set has had no issues so far. I’d give the Vogel earbuds a try out at the current pricing and good quality product 🙂

    H. Levine

  4. JustACheapShopper

    Cheap earbuds are not often better value than mid range priced ones, but these just might be. Initial impressions very favorable especially with ease of getting a good fit and comfort in ear. I love the cord wrap and tangle free feature. Stylish looks (says a very not stylish person) and nice packaging make the experience almost five star. However I’m hoping that the sound improves slightly after a few hours play, because out of the box they are almost too bright. Listening to Def Leppard’s Hysteria masterpiece on them is perhaps not the fairest introduction, but it certainly gives them a good workout! And really they’re excellent for the price – you can even almost tell what Joe Elliott is ‘singing’! There is a little bit of low end power on offer, the mid range is slightly muddy but that’s one thing that could improve with use, and the high end is a little bit sharp as previously mentioned. Overall though, a solid 4* pair of cheap earbuds. Great buy.


  5. Ardent Observer

    I bought this pair of earbuds based on the reviews. I was hesitant because they are so inexpensive. But the reviews are correct — the sound quality is surprisingly good for the price.Granted, they’re not the fabulous, noise-cancelling, sound-delivery devices I would choose for pure enjoyment and music appreciation. But they’re just fine for daily use, listening to podcasts, videos, and casual music.The non-tangling cord is a plus, and seems like it will be durable over time.The earbuds came with three pairs of ear tips (or whatever you call them). The largest size fit my ears comfortably. The angled buds are more comfortable than the typical kind, and also make it easier to identify the left earbud from the right, which is handy.If the cord does indeed hold up over time, I would definitely buy these again.

    Ardent Observer

  6. Amazon Customer

    Earbuds fit well, given different sizes to get proper fit. At first I thought they didn’t seat properly in ear, but once I figured out which one goes to which ear, (there is a difference), they are comfortable, I can have my head against pillow and it is unobtrusive, very comfortable. Cord is flat and thick so I don’t see inside wire breaking as easily as with the cheaper thin round ones (which is what happened and caused me to buy these.) Also like the long cord.

    Amazon Customer

  7. Susan W.

    As advertised

    Susan W.

  8. Patrick

    I ran these through the laundry last night, washer AND dryer. I am currently listening to music on them and they are none the worse for wear. I own multiple pairs and I’ll buy more (none of them have ever given out, I just misplace them or lose the buds). Make sure to hold onto the box for the extra buds as they do come off easily, but that is why there are extras. Seriously, I know I sound like a commerical, but as somebody who has bought a lot of headphones in my day to have them short out or die, these things really rock. These would be A worthwhile value at $15 a pair.


  9. Captain Awesome

    So this is my second experience with this brand of earbuds and these didn’t disappoint. Well, if I’m being honest, they did at first, but it wasn’t them, it was me. When you put these in your ears, make sure you have them sealed in your ears properly or you are going to be disappointed and they won’t sound as good. I did this at first, then when I readjusted them in got them deep enough in my ear canals it was a totally different experience. They have decent highs and lows for inexpensive earbuds and the vocals were very clean and clear sounding. Now the cord on this is very long and I has a rubbery/vinyl feel to them. It does come with an adjustable strap for bundling up the extra cord and extra fittings so you can make sure they fit your ears properly. Good product. Just remember that if they have a dull sound, adjust them and make sure they’re sealed properly in your ears and you should be good to go. IMO, these are as good as anything for the money.

    Captain Awesome