Maestro A6 Gold-Plated Wired Earphones – Stereo Tangle-Free Headphone Earbuds w/ Mic

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  • Maestro A6 Premium Quality Universal Earbuds Compatible with all 3.5 mm audio jack smartphones and devices, including smartphones, laptops, MP3 players, etc.
  • These soft ear buds fit comfortably in your ears, while their closed design helps to reduce background noise and distortion.
  • This earbud set delivers excellent sound quality.
  • Features an easy-to-use control button, so you can answer or end phone calls and pause or play music, all with a single touch.
  • Lightweight design, easy to take along in your pocket or bags. Constructed of durable metal, and round anti-tangle heavy duty wire.


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  1. ladybug57

    They are pretty nice. I do wish the ear buds were a little smaller though, I have trouble keeping them in my ears. The sound has to be turned up really far on my tablet to hear.UPDATE..Already don’t work. Ordered in August and this is February. Left ear plug quit first and two days later the right one quit.


  2. Luke E

    These were ok earbuds when I first got them. I really like that they had decent bass (at the price point). Problem with them came after only using them for 2 months. They started to shock me when i position my head in a certain way. I only use these at work and they just stay at my desk. Even if it was some activity I was doing, I would not expect to GET SHOCKED by them.

    Luke E

  3. grneyestn

    I tried using this on my NEW LG phone but the sound is so muffled it’s like listening through cotton. I tried using it on my satellite MP3 player but the sound is so garbled I can’t tell what song is playing. I tried my old ear buds that I’ve had for years and the sound was great. Sending these back.


  4. Dorey

    I love that the cord is short and doesn’t tangle easily. The ear buds are comfortable and don’t cause any pain. And the sound is phenomenal,butI am disappointed after purchasing my second pair (after one ear quit working, i believe due to my tripping or yanking the cord by accident) because ive been very careful with the second pair and ended up with the same problem within a month , the left ear bud suddenly quit working.


  5. Brad

    Meh. Great design, sharp looking. Bought these for myself and family. Almost immediately out of the box there was crackling sounds while listening to music. I asked my 13 year old son how he liked his and he was less than positive. My 15 year old daughter was the same. Nearly three months later I find my family wearing the original ‘hard’ white plastic Apple ear buds or over-the-ear headphones rather than these. It says a lot when no one wants to use them any longer.


  6. Isabeau

    Retry sure there are ghosts in the wires, lol. I plugged these into my iPad and immediately they started randomly doing things like playing music, dropping music, and actvating Siri — all without me touching anything! Sound was decent for the price, but touching the plug with my finger would also cause crackling noises. They felt quite comfortable for the few minutes I had them in but unfortunately they are basically unusable.Edit: While I do not fault the seller for the defect (I don’t have any way to know if my experience was typical or unusual), well after leaving the review (and returning the item), I received not one but two different emails, probably automated, requesting that I leave a product review. I understand why small sellers appreciate feedback, but I don’t like being inundated with requests, and the irony of the timing is just .. special.


  7. Patrick Madigan

    The sound difference I noticed when I switched to these earbuds from the ones I had been using was impressive! I use them to listen to podcasts the majority of the time, but I also listen to music, and that’s where I noticed the biggest difference! The audio quality was so superior!These are great earbuds at a great price! I have already purchased a 2nd and 3rd set!

    Patrick Madigan

  8. Amazon Customer

    The first day I used these earbuds, the connection was poor and I had to fidget with it to get a clear sound. Three days in and the sound cut out completely on one side. I would not recommend at all.

    Amazon Customer

  9. Remote Clancy

    Returning. One of the earbuds didn’t work, right out of the package.I’m always looking for a decent, cheap earbud as I have a tendency to be rough on them and/or lose them. That being said, I still expect them to work when brand new. I’m sure if they’d worked on arrival, I could have given them 3 or 4 stars, but I’m not sure it’s worth the risk that they moght not work at all. . .

    Remote Clancy

  10. Lost in the Crowd

    My son is constantly losing his earbuds so these are a great replacement for someone who leaves theirs in the wash all the time. They do great on noise cancellation because he never hears me when he has them in so I know they work well. They also are in a very neutral color that goes with most phones and is compatible with every phone he’s ever had and they come with their own little wipe to keep them clean oh, they are also at a great price, you can’t beat them!

    Lost in the Crowd