Neon G70x Professional Gaming Headset – Green LED Light-Up Headphones

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🎧 Excellent Compatibility

Support PlayStation 4, new Xbox One, PC, laptop, PSP, tablet, iPad, computer, mobile phone. Multi-platform support for your maximum enjoyment without breaking the bank. Please note you need an extra Microsoft Adapter (Not Included) when connect with an old version Xbox One controller.

🎧 Extraordinary Sound Effect

Clear sound operating strong brass, splendid ambient noise isolation.The 40mm large drive unit lay more emphasis on sound performance.lets you feeling the movement of enemies at any time, whether game or music.

🎧 Noise Canceling Microphone

Superior noise cancelling system reduce background noise effectively, create powerful stereo sound,imagine you are in the real game scene. Perfect for various games, movies and music. Long flexible mic design very convenient to adjust angle of the microphone.

🎧 Durable Material and Lightweight Design

Remastered for premium Quality, superior comfort and ergonomics, Neon G70x Gaming headset uses steel slider and irresistibly soft,comfy and breathable earmuffs – the durable comfort you deserve! The bright LED lights are also here for even better gaming Effect.

🎧 Specifications:

  • Driver Diameter: 40mm
  • Impedance: 32Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 105dB +/- 3dB at 1KHz
  • Frequency range: 15Hz-20KHz
  • Mic dimension: 6.0 * 5.0mm
  • Mic sensitivity: -38dB +/- 3dB
  • Mic impedance: 2.2kohm
  • Directivity: All directional
  • Cable length: Approx. 2.1Meter
  • LED working voltage: DC5V +/- 5%
  • Working current: Below 100mA
  • Headset interface: 3.5mm(4pin) + USB (USB for LED light)
  • Note: The extra adapter for XBOXONE is NOT included.
  • Package Included: 1 x 3.5mm Stereo Gaming Headset for PS4;1 x Audio Y Splitter; 1 x Manual


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  1. Josephineas Eärl Ar. Mu. Fa. von Weisseveathyrheraaressciaaddam – Rheimannrahwyn

    I was distraught after my Sentey ThorX music headphones recently met its end after 3.3yrs of thorough daily heavy use and physical handling… The ear pads fell off and began disintegrating, and then accidentally stepped on the headphones and that was the end of the Sentey ThorX… Now that Sentey no longer makes the ThorX, to my unhappiness and dismay, I needed new headphones for music for use with my Mp3 player or mobile phone… I decided to try gaming brand model headphones since they utilize a 3.5mm Aux plug jack and always liked the cool unique design styles with LED illumination of gaming headsets… The seller was willing to ship to my PO Box address and so went with this brand model headphone (microphone headset) as my first try… I’m not a gamer and did not purchase these for gaming and so cannot comment in that perspective… I purchased these strictly for music listening.I had initial plans on using a mobile power bank with USB ports for constant powering of the LED illumination… However the particular mobile power bank charger that i have won’t stay on for more than 15seconds with the headphones plugged in due to headphones not being a charging device and would constantly have to push the power button of mobile power bank charger to bring it out of sleep to re – power the LED lights and illumination of headphone… In hindsight, while it was a cool idea in theory to do if it did work, I soon realized that carrying around a mobile power bank charger with everything else that i have to carry around just to power the lights was going to get tiresome and be cumbersome and get aggravating very vast and just was not plausible for me… Especially since the integral USB cable isn’t very long on the headphone wired remote controller and would put me in a awkward situation physically where my music player would have to be kept with the mobile power bank charger at all times in a pouch and both removed at same time to operate the music player etc… That being said, I did find that if i connected the USB LED cable to a wall charger power adapter with a USB port that i was able to ascertain constant LED illumination of the headphone… So this is what I’m going to do when i want to use the LED lights, is to plug the USB cable into a USB wall power adapter for illumination… This will prove useful as the illumination of headphone will be a perfect match for my Sony LBTGPX555 1800watt HiFi home stereo that has programmable LED illumination mode effects for the speakers and main unit controls… So I’m thinking about using this headphone as a stationary music headset with my home stereo unit and then getting different dedicated music headphones for my Mp3 player when on the mobile.The physical quality was surprising and is very good… Being my first experience with a gaming headset ever, and for the inexpensive price, I didn’t know what to expect… I was surprised at the quality and craftsmanship as it feels and looks like a really great headphone headset for being all plastic.The fit and feel is perfect and natural forming for me personally… The wear is extremely comfortable for me and can wear it for long periods of time… I didn’t even need to adjust them as they fit perfect at minimal (no) adjustment setting… The ear pads are really comfortable also and fit naturally over and around my small ears.The LED lights are superfly and attractive with the unique design layout… The LED brightness is perfect and pleasant to look at… The LED brightness is not overpowering or blinding, but is definitely noticeable and visible even in the daylight… The intensity of the LED lights and illumination is a mellow between dim / soft and glaring / hard… The way the LEDs shine and pierce through the design is absolutely fabulous and extremely cool and truly unique from a creative standpoint.One of the features that i like most about this headphone (microphone headset) is the microphone of which can be flipped up and hides in the frame of the left ear speaker when it’s not in use… This feature makes this headphone great for music listening and use in public without having to look like a complete wierdo with an obvious gaming headset on… Majority of other gaming headsets that i saw available had a wired flexible ‘boom – mic’ microphone permanently affixed to the front of the left ear speaker frame… I definitely like how the microphone of this headset flips up and can be concealed into the frame for a more normal regular headphone appearance for music… If using a mobile phone for music or talking, the microphone can be flipped down for speaking during calls or speech programs and then flipped back up when you’re done talking to go back to music listening… This will be great for my Samsung Galaxy SG9+ if i so ever decide to put my music on it.Another cool feature is the integral wired controller… The controller has both a manual volume dial and a on / off switch for the microphone activation / deactivation… With the volume dial on the controller, I don’t have to mess with my Mp3 player or mobile phone to turn the volume down or up… With the on / off switch for microphone it deactivates mic for normal audio pass – through through the speakers only and also allows me to talk when set to on for when i need the microphone for phone calls or text – to – speech typing programs etc.The volume level for music is superb and very loud… The audio and vocals of music is clearly defined and understandable… I usually keep the equalizer of music player on flat, but the headphone has very good high – bass treble quality performance for an inexpensive headset with the equalizer of player adjusted and even some quality low – to – mid bass treble when the equalizer of music player is set on flat… There is no static or distortion from the speaker drivers and the Mp3 player is kept on full volume constantly at all times along with full volume of the integral wired controller of the headphone headset… I laid the headphone on my bed and walked out of the bedroom into kitchen and the headphone was able to fill my bedroom loudly and clearly from the Mp3 player… I am very much impressed with the loudness and clarity of the speaker drivers with this inexpensive headphone.I really like the unique design of this particular brand model headphone headset… With hundreds of these obscure inexpensive gaming headsets available on Amazon, especially for under 40$ price range, the style design look of this one is one that appealed to me at top of the list… Red is my favorite color and one more reason i went with this one versus others primarily blue or green or RGB etc.Overall (Below),I definitely recommend this headphone headset for gaming or music or mobile call talking or text – to – speech programs etc… For the price you cannot go wrong with it and is a fantastic deal… Great audio level and clarity in the speaker drivers… Well worth the money and have no regrets… I would definitely buy this again and absolutely recommend it unto others… Wonderful design, super cool look with LEDs on, and has great audio and microphone performance… Although this my very first gaming headset and cannot obviously compare it with others in this field.

    Josephineas Eärl Ar. Mu. Fa. von Weisseveathyrheraaressciaaddam – Rheimannrahwyn

  2. Ahmed K. Al-majrafi

    I bought this product to use for a gaming purpose. I play PS4 and I didn’t like the sonny small headphone set.I like to wear big headphone with mic on it.This headphone set come with a normal package, there is no fancy packaging.I bought the red one because I like red color.It comes with a manul but I didn’t read it as I know how to use a headphone!Also you can use this product for pc, and playstation ps4.The noise cancelling works fine but not excellent so if you are looking for excellent noise cancellling you need to consider other products. I bought this headphone for $21.99and with this price I am very satisfied with this product. This headphone has become my primary use for gaming and my smartphone(iphone5)I recomed this product if you are looking for a headphone with this price .If you are looking for luxury headphone set this product is not yours.I like this heaphone and I highly recommend it for my friends. Please see pictures if you like the red one.

    Ahmed K. Al-majrafi

  3. M. Cleckner

    We gave the blue headset to our FortNite playing grandson for his birthday. He reported that the headset was awesome after his first day of gaming. One feature that he and his brothers noted was the microphones ability to swing up to the headset. So far a short break-in period but it appears to be very good quality.

    M. Cleckner

  4. Fuentes

    Fast delivery an good sound qualitySurprised by the quality actually


  5. Jared A. Lang

    Good product. Need clearer instructions for a child. My son had issues connecting and using with Ps4

    Jared A. Lang

  6. Monda

    My son loves his games i was glad to find him an newer headset and his favorite color


  7. Donita Engfer

    Once I figured out how to get it setup, it has been great. I had tried to play a particular game where being able to contact other players was essential. After having my character jump up and down, turn in circles and shoot in certain directions to get my teammate’s attention (for which I am certain they questioned my game skills and mental status) I knew it was time to get a head set. Good price for the quality I am experiencing.

    Donita Engfer

  8. Jordan Pearce

    Got these for my brother, he loves them. They’re even noise canceling which he appreciates when gaming lol 🙂

    Jordan Pearce

  9. Kyle somers

    My kids a mad gamer, swooped up this headset for him so we can talk crap together about gaming when he’s at his moms. Only complaint is that the LED light in the headphones stopped working just a few days after he got it. Sound is clear tho, and everything else seems to work greats

    Kyle somers

  10. Amazon Customer

    Is very nice my boys love it

    Amazon Customer