Razer Nari Essential Wireless Gaming Headset

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The Razer Nari Essential is a great value pick – a medium-priced headset featuring THX Spatial Audio (allowing you to hear tiny sounds and pick-up hidden enemies from all directions).

Review Score: 9.3 / 10

Performance & Effectiveness – 90%
Comfort & Convenience – 90%
Build Quality & Durability – 80%
Easy of Use – 95%
Tech Support – 100%
Overall Value Buy – 95%

Reasons to Buy:

✅ Lag-proof 2.4GHz wireless connection

✅ Plush ear cushions for 100% sound isolation

✅ THX Spatial Audio for deep sound effects

✅ 16 hour battery life will last you multiple days

Minor Downsides:

❌ Controls can glitch at times

❌ May take longer than expected to charge

❌ Some customers reported defects upon delivery

Online Reviews for Razer Nari Essential:

Of 78 mentions across Reddit and Facebook groups, we found 84% to be positive.

Aggregate reviews across 3rd party retailers were 89% positive.

Sufficient photo / video evidence was found to confirm several reviews. ✅

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Reviewing features and benefits:

✔️ Virtual surround sound w/ THX audio

✔️ Noise cancelling microphone

✔️ Auto-adjusting headband for a snug fit

✔️ “Cooling gel” cushions

✔️ On-headset audio controls for volume + mic

✔️ Noise cancelling microphone


Can I use Razer Nari Essential wired?

No, it’s only wireless. There is no audio jack port and it cannot be adapted to wired.

Does it have 7.1 surround sound?

Yes, Razer Nari Essential has THX Spatial Audio for hyper-immersive gameplay. This delivers awesome 7.1 surround sound.

How long will Razer Nari Essential last?

In terms of battery and lifespan – Razer Nari Essential lasts up to 16 hours on a single charge (with some customers reporting 20 hours). It’s lifespan is multiple years.

Does it have noise cancelling?

Yes, Razer Nari Essential is reported to have noise cancellation, but some customers say it’s more like noise isolation (which is not quite as effective).

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Why customers love Razer Nari Essential:

Lightweight design for all-day comfort

The Razer Nari Essential Headset is a great option for those who want incredible sound without sacrificing comfort. Its aluminum body makes it lightweight and durable, so you can wear it for hours without feeling uncomfortable.

Auto-adjusting headband for an optimized fit

This headset is perfect for all gamers – with an auto-adjusting headband that promotes a comfy, secure fit. The aluminum body makes it lightweight, while also providing durability. In addition, the ear cushions are completely plush and leatherette covered, offering sound isolation without any irritation.

Virtual surround sound (for only $50-100)

THX Spatial Audio provides next-gen virtual surround sound to boost your gameplay. You’ll be able to hear your quiet enemies creeping up, roaring engines from far away, and deep immersive sounds that will make you feel like you’re in the middle of the action.

What users say about Razer Nari Essential:

 I’m not a fan of the on-headset audio controls, they tend to glitch out sometimes.

The sound quality is quite good. The ear cups got uncomfortable after 2-3 hours, not bad.

I love the auto-adjusting headband feature, it makes the headset fit perfectly without having to adjust it constantly.

The THX Spatial Audio is a game changer, you can really hear enemies sneaking up.

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Amazon.com Price: $43.04 (as of 05:21 EST- More info)


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