Redragon H510 Zeus Headset – White, Black, RBG, X

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While the Redragon H510 Zeus (review) may have some durability issues, it’s the perfect headset for gamers who want pro-level, clear audio with 7.1 surround-sound to hear the small details. With a comfy headband + earcups and detachable noise-cancellation microphone, it’s a solid choice for long gaming sessions.

Review Score: 7.9 / 10

Performance & Effectiveness – 90%
Comfort & Convenience – 85%
Build Quality & Durability – 65%
Easy of Use – 85%
Tech Support – 100%
Overall Value Buy – 70%

Reasons to Buy:

✅ Sleek, pro-level design

✅ Crisp, clear audio with 7.1 surround-sound

✅ Finest leatherette w/ comfy memory foam filler

✅ Adjustable + irritation-free headband

Minor Downsides:

❌ Rare/occasional control issues

❌ Some customers reported below-average durability

Online Reviews for Redragon H510 Zeus Headset:

Among 17 mentions across Reddit + Facebook groups, we found 79% to be positive.

Aggregate reviews across 3rd party retailers were 88% positive.

Sufficient photo / video evidence was found to confirm several reviews. ✅

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Reviewing features and benefits:

✔️ Detachable noise-cancellation microphone

✔️ Cozy, breathable and cool ear cups

✔️ Independent line control for sound volume and mic on/off

✔️ Lightweight and durable steel frame

✔️ 3.5mm cables + jack input (built-in USB control box)

✔️ Compatible with PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, NS, Switch, and mobile phones


Can the Redragon H510 Zeus be used for music listening?

Yes! Its clear, rich sound quality is perfect for music listening.

Which gaming platforms is the Redragon H510 Zeus compatible with?

PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, NS, Switch, and mobile devices.

Does Redragon H510 have noise cancelling and surround sound?

Yes, it has noise cancelling and 7.1 surround sound. Background noise is 100% blocked out.

Why is Redragon so cheap?

Redragon keeps their prices low, with modern tech advancements in gaming headsets. However, every gaming manufacturer does this too.

Is this gaming headset wired or wireless?

The Redragon H510 Zeus only offers wired connection, with both USB and 3.5mm support.

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Above-Average Audio with 7.1 Surround-Sound

The 53mm drivers offer a deep frequency range and with high-fidelity sound fields, while the 7.1 surround-sound creates an unparalleled field of immersion. The clear, lossless sound quality with surround sound that will make you feel as if you are right in the thick of things – whether you’re in game, listening to a concert or chatting with friends.

Adjustable + Comfortable Headband

The steel frame and lightweight design of the free-adjustable headband will help to relieve pressure on your head when you are gaming or listening to music. The leatherette and memory foam filler on the ear cups will keep your ears comfortable even during long gaming sessions.

Detachable Noise-Cancellation Microphone

If you’re looking for a way to communicate with your friends or teammates more clearly, the detachable noise-cancellation microphone is perfect. The sound will not be distorted and it’ll stay in position so that all of what’s said can still reach those on board!

What users say about the Redragon H510 Zeus:

Surround sound is fairly good, and picks up the miniscule details in-game. Not bad.

I liked the audio but it only lasted 11 months. Should be able to last minimum 2-3 years.

Had some doubts about the noise cancellation, but it works great. $60 is an alright price.

I’d rate the sound quality an 8.5, and the microphone is clear. The headband/earcups are comfy and don’t irritate.

See more reviews Price: $59.99 (as of 05:21 EST- More info) & FREE Shipping.

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