[Limited Edition] StealthX Gaming Headset – Professional Noise-Cancelling Headphones

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Suits all 3.5mm jack devices. Supports Xbox One S/X, PS4, iPad, PC, laptop, Mac, iPhone, Samsung, Android etc. Note: This headset requires additional Microsoft adapters (not included) when connecting to older Xbox one controllers.


The StealthX Professional Gaming Headset delivers immersive surround sound and intense clarity. Includes superior 50mm audio drivers, delivering an HD clear listening experience. Hear the reality in your game with a significantly improved listening distance and more accurately distinguish the enemy position.


Onmi-directional sensitive microphone with noise canceling tech transmits high quality communication. Anti-static functionality prevents static sound from disrupting your experience. Adjustable 180° rotation and 360 degree voice capture, so that you can enjoy smooth in-game communication with your teammates.


The headband is softly padded for comfortable use, even after long periods of gaming. The large memory foam ear cushion is designed for ergonomic fit while reducing the ambient noise. 


  • StealthX Professional Gaming Headset
  • [2-in-1] 3.5mm jack splitter cable
  • User manual


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$49.99 $100.00

Based on 21 reviews

4.5 overall

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  1. Amanda

    For the cost, these headphones have better than expected sound quality. They’re probably not sufficient for people looking for the best quality sound, but more than sufficient for my purposes – gaming, podcasts, and meetings. And for this price point, its hard to beat how well it delivers in those areas.Build quality is surprisingly solid. Mostly plastic, but there is a metal band inside to reinforce them. They’re also super comfortable to wear, and I had no problems wearing them for an 8hr+ workday. Hardware buttons on the cord make it super easy to mute myself during calls. Fabric cord is sturdy and tangle-resistant.Design is super cool. I like how they light up with a cool wight light. Strangely, it does use the Harry Potter font for the name of the headset on the side.


  2. A. O. Reason

    i have purchased 2 pair of these from Amazon. One for me and one for my brother so we can talk while playing World of Warcraft. Perfect sound while talking, and my brother’s only comment was that these are ‘warm’. Yes, it’s true, over the ear headphones will be warm, compared to earbuds or other non-over-ear headphones, however, the sound immersion and outside noise isolation in my opinion, is well worth it. I now live with these on.

    A. O. Reason

  3. Mixed Message

    Let’s be clear: sound quality is not great, muddy and muffled and bass heavy. Not recommended for music or other refined listening. But if you want it for gaming or voice chat and TV watching, it does the job just fine. Likewise, microphone picks up a fair amount of static and background but is clear, no one will have any trouble understanding you. Also it has a usb connector, which I highly recommend unless your device only has a 3.5mm connection. I give it four stars not compared to more pricey models but for what I payed for it I am 4 star satisfied.

    Mixed Message

  4. BattleYoshi_Kozmik

    Better than my last headset from Sades. The microphone is better since it is closer to my face. The cord has a nice build it manager to make sure your cord isn’t lying all over the floor. Love their cords since they are super durable. The lights aren’t super bright which was nice since I tend to play later at night. Overall, these fit my head better and didn’t fall off. Let the games begin!


  5. Joshua Herring

    For the price i dont think you can beat this headset. The folding microphone is by far my favorite part, honestly you dont even need to unfold the mic to still be heard. The sound quality is great it can be super loud to where my roommates can heal music/games down the hall if turned all the way up and sitting on my desk. They can be a bit bass heavy at time(PUBG red zone scary af) The only downsides i have noticed since have the product are sometimes the cord can get twisted on itseft which is an easy fix just unplug and let it work itself out. The other complaint is that the LED on the sides can be super bright at night when tring to sleep, but thats a hazerd with any LED gaming product. It can be a bit bulky looking but it is a good weight sometimes i forget im wearing it, feels well made and has already lasted longer than i expected it to at this price point with no signs of slowing down

    Joshua Herring

  6. Tara K Brill

    I got these for my son who is a big gamer. These are his 2nd set of headphones and they’ve already outlived his first set (can’t remember the name brand of those). Great sound and has control over the volumes easily. These are so great, that it blocks out the sound in the house (unfortunately, he can’t hear me when I call him for dinner)!

    Tara K Brill

  7. B

    Not a bad headset for the money. You get what you pay for, so I wasn’t expecting anything grand. The design is nice, they’re comfortable, and the sound is great.The pictures posted for the product here on Amazon suggest that this headset comes with Magic Voice software, when it does not. That was disappointing, so I’m taking a star off for the false advertising.


  8. rockerX86

    Love this headset it is a little weird tho the volume you have to turn your computers volume down to 4 just so the headsets earphone volume isn’t full blast took some getting used to but the headset is great for the pricethis headset is a million times better than the Logitech H151 the headset which has a mic not compatible with windows 10 even in Skype


  9. Brad L.

    Got lost in shipment, what the heck!

    Brad L.

  10. Scotty

    Not bad, i’d go 4 stars


  11. alexander

    just didn’t like them, returned


  12. Hector

    Arrived damaged in the box and shipping was a bit longer than advertised. I needed them in 2 days, so a bit disappointed.


  13. Patrick Renfroe

    Overall solid headset for gaming, I’ll give it 8/10 but I’d probably still recommend them

    Patrick Renfroe

  14. Aaron K.

    I’ve had these for 3 months now and they’re very durable (dropped them a few times and no noticeable damage) and the sound clarity is great.

    Aaron K.

  15. wendy

    love them! so far worth the price (i’ve had them for a few weeks now)


  16. Anthony Hinson

    Look, feel, functionality, quality, everything great for a $80 price point.

    Anthony Hinson

  17. gamer92x

    Would I use these for normal headphones? Probably not. But for gaming? They work great, and I love the camo look.


  18. BattleYoshi_Kozmik

    Better than my last headset from Sades. The microphone is better since it is closer to my face. The cord has a nice build it manager to make sure your cord isn’t lying all over the floor. Love their cords since they are super durable. The lights aren’t super bright which was nice since I tend to play later at night. Overall, these fit my head better and didn’t fall off. Let the games begin!


  19. Oliver

    Much better than my previous Logitech headset. They were cheap and these were a much better buy. I’ve only had them for 2 weeks now, but I’ll come back and update this review if I find any faults.


  20. Christopher Ricker

    First off, out the box this head set is beautiful. The white pops and all the cushions look and feel great. I use mine for FPS games and Discord chats during those games. Never had a problem being heard by my Squad. Never had a problem hearing them. Audio(in and out) quality is pretty awesome considering the price point here. Comfort levels are great. When i play its normally 3-4 hours at night and head phones dont hurt my ears or head. Do wish ear pad breathed a little though cause ears will get sweaty. Besides sweaty ears the only other negitive would be the cord. Its braded which is nice but for some reason this headset more than the countless others ive had Just wants to twist up. Its ridiculous. I have to be very careful about the cord because once it twist up it breaks. Ive owned 2 of these exact same and both had same issue. Idk if its the braid or what but dont let it twist cause it will kill the head set fast. No body paid me or gave me free stuff for this review either. Wish i could get free stuff though, lol.

    Christopher Ricker

  21. C. Copeland

    Overall, this is quite a good headset marred by some strange design choices.Pros:- Comfortable- Sound quality is good- Microphone is clear- The price is fantasticCons:- Bass is a little too high- The microphone can be difficult to pull away from its resting point- The LEDs are annoying and stay on even when my computer is turned off. I’ve had the headset for a day and already put electrical tape over all of the lights.- ‘Spellond’ is stamped above each ear in what looks like Harry Potter font that seems pretty random.

    C. Copeland