Vertigo LX7 Bluetooth Headphones – Silver/White Wireless Headset

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🎧 Enhanced Sound Quality

Great sound from Vertigo LX7 57mm drivers: our engineers spend two years in creating the 57mm driver for LX7 series, to bring you amazing Vertigo sound without breaking your bank.

🎧 Cool Look & 195° Rotary Design

Cool look inspired from Vertigo LX7 which we think can best represent your endless passion and energy. Also the earcups can rotarily fold up, easy to carry on the move.

🎧 Micro SD Card Slot and FM Radio

Support FM broadcast / Micro SD card playback of MP3 and WAV audio formats (note: Micro SD card not provided).

🎧 30 Hours Continuous Music Time

Up to 30 hours continuous music time from the latest Bluetooth 4.1 low-power technology. Enjoy your music as long as you want.

🎧 Universal Compatibility

The Bluetooth perfectly works with your smartphone, tablet or any Bluetooth enabled device.




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  1. Jim H.

    Decent bluetooth headphones, but not a great radio.

    We bought these to replace my wife’s Radio Shack FM radio headset that she wears to listen to radio while outdoors. As an FM radio, this was a disappointment.

    PROs: Price. Good sound quality (as far as my senior-citizen hearing can tell). Comfortable (although we haven’t had them on for any extended period.) Good Bluetooth headphones for the price.

    CONs: The FM radio feature was apparently an afterthought that the designers didn’t give much thought to. No display, so you can’t see what radio frequency you’re listening to. And there are no station presets. The only way to tune in a particular channel is to tune another radio to that channel and then step thru all of your local radio stations one by one until you find the one playing the same song. If you turn it off in radio mode, when you turn it back on, it automatically goes into Bluetooth pairing mode and you have to switch it back to FM mode. Instruction sheet requires a magnifier to read.

    Jim H.

  2. knownom

    They produce Godzilla levels of trembling bass that sound as if you attached two Cerwin Vega 18″ sub woofers to your ears. The mid range and treble are both plenty good as well. They headphones sounds outstanding when properly setup and configured to sound their best meaning EQ, bass boost, virtual surround which interesting enough these speakers can do 5.1 and it sounds great. I still use virtual surround with 5.1 because to me it sounds more immersive and gives it even more punch. They are much more comfortable than my last pair of headphones and far superior sound quality even at bass which wild because last pair were plenty bass heavy, but these put them to shame while having far superior mid range and treble.


  3. tim pearson

    Love and hate relationship! The quality of sound is OK, the battery last for a long time. I bought several. One would not go on Sd card mode. They brake easy, so careful with them! T2’s pair easily with everything I got: tablets, Samsung TV, cell phones…I just wish the new ones (T5’s?) would have micro Sd card slot because as for me and my family is a must when buying Bluetooth headsets. My recommendations for future generations of T”s models would be all the goodies of a T4S’s, micro SD card capability, playing music first from TF, then go on BT. To be able to resume at the same level of volume and at the same spot when turned Off then back On. Eliminate the multi-purpose dial that sticks all the time. And of course with the same battery long lasting time that makes me come back to buy Bluedio headsets over and over. Recommended, but keep duck tape to fix them when they brake, Thanks!

    tim pearson

  4. PW

    Absolutely love the headphones. The speaker is actually as large as they say, produces good bass and quality sound even when streaming at 128k. Tried them via the blutooth with Nin uncompressed raw and was impressed there no noticeable loss in quality. I’m not an audiophile but I appreciate fair quality. Construction is plastic but sturdy. I’ve owned 2 now both with and without memory card/fm. The t2 without memory card and fm are much easier to control all the functions but build and sound quality are the same. Battery life on both versions is phenomenal tested the t2 plus with fm/memory card slot on full volume playing full volume on headphones and android (full volume not headphone suggested full volume) and was able to run them for 52 hours and ~20 minutes, at 50 hours they started to cut in and out but didn’t shut off or disconnect.


  5. Henry

    I was skeptical about these headphones after reading the negative reviews but I AM GLAD I TRUSTED THE POSITIVE ONES! I will be honest, the bridge is very cheap and you have to be very careful with them or they feel like they’ll break. Besides that though, I love them! I work in an office with a team of awesome loud obnoxious crazy people (including myself) and with them on almost minimum I cannot hear them and focus on my work. The FM is cool, it barely picks up one of my favorite stations but it does pick up the rest so it’s cool! Battery is freaking amazing, I haven’t charge since I got them about 3 days ago and I have been listening to them for 10 hours each day (my entire work day) I don’t pause them because if I get a phone call at work, I can just take them off and it’s like a mini speaker.