Vertigo X5 Wireless Earbuds – Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Water-Resistant Headphones w/ Mic

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🎧 Superior Music Quality

Adopting Bluetooth 5.0 and lossless HD rendering technology and built-in high-quality audio chip produce incredible sound quality with crystal crisp treble. Enjoy your music everywhere even in a loud environment. The wireless earbuds are perfect gift for men or women!

🎧 One-step paring technology

The Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are equipped with one-step pairing technology. ONLY pull the Left and the Right earbuds out of charging box and they will pair with each other, then “A7” automatically appear on your smartphone. In a matter of seconds, you are in your euphonic music world. (Note: Please remove the protective tapes on the earbuds before use)

🎧 Charge on the go

Wireless headphones can last for over 4 hours to 5 hours’ music playtime on a single charge. While on the go charging case The super musical earbuds power can last up to 25 hours. You can go for a day without power shortage thus sufficient music Joy all through your day activities.

🎧 True wireless experience

You will never worry about wire tangles while on wireless earphones as they use No wire connections at all and the connection is strong for a 33 ft. Distance. Vertigo X5 wireless earbuds justify the new Revolution in your music output experience. As long as your Device is within the range, We guarantee you quality music better than the wire embedded earphones

🎧 Comfortable & Waterproof

Ergonomic earplugs design, with softer high-quality silicone material Earbuds, fit ears perfectly. There are 3 earbud tips assuring you to get the most favorable and comfortable size. With charging case inner nano-coating, the bluetooth earbuds are resistant to sweat and rain. Perfect for running, jogging, hiking, yoga, exercises, gym, fitness, travelling and etc.

🎧 Multiple Use Modes

  • Stereo Mode – Enjoy premium HD stereo sound whenever you need to relax or on lighter duties.
  • Share Mode – Give one earbud to your lover/familiar/friend, share your happiness.
  • Single Mode – Each of the twins earbuds can be used for single channel mode.


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  1. Pooh Bear


    Pooh Bear

  2. Daniel Bartman

    I got these for my daughter, since she “needs” them ever since my wife and I have been getting wireless earbuds. The best part about these has to be the 25(ish) hours of play time. She used them on long car rides and never once had to worry about charging them. They fit okay in her ears (she’s only 10), and fit best in an adults ear. The sounds quality is pretty good, and there is minimal crackling when the volume is high or during high amount of bass/treble. Overall, these met my expectations for the price.

    Daniel Bartman

  3. 1213707

    i use these as a backup for my main ear buds. theres no noise cancellation whatsoever. the rubber that comes with the buds keep them from stating in my ear. the alternate rubber that i feel comfortable using have to be removed to be placed back into its charging case. because of the above i’ve not have had the luxury of finding out if the battery life is long enough or not. for the price, ill keep them.



    This is my first wireless earbud. The quality of the sounds is great, and it is so easy to use. I live the design of it.


  5. Maritza

    Easy setup steps it has a good sound i used it for work and they stated in all the time i didn’t have to worry about them falling out they work amazing for the price


  6. Myfavshoe

    They are okay.. Battery life not long. No noise cancellation.


  7. Delfino Cruz

    No tiene definido los sonidos bajos y no mejora aún utilizando el amplificador del dispositivo celular

    Delfino Cruz

  8. Benjamin Trotter

    My requirements were that the earbuds be easy to use, connect without a lot of steps and survive being used by an active 11 year old. These have done all of this and then some. Playtime is excellent and easily lasts all day. She can listen to the kid of videos that kids watch all day without irritating everyone else in the car while in transit between activities.

    Benjamin Trotter

  9. Amazon Customer

    Audio is too loud and cannot be lowered. Terible.

    Amazon Customer

  10. Amazon Customer

    Very easy to pair the bluetooth and the sound is awesome. I would recommend these and you can’t beat the price.

    Amazon Customer