Zenovo RX9 EarPods – Bluetooth Wireless Headphone Earbuds w/ Charging Case

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🎧 Ultra Comfortable Fit

The Zenovo ear pods (with charging pad) have a special ergonomic design that fits perfectly to your ear. The Bluetooth headphones are sweatproof and will remain stable in your ear, making a perfect audio option for your workouts. They can be used as one single earbud or used as a pair to enjoy music anywhere.

🎧 Realtek Chipset & Bluetooth 5.0

Realtek Chipset allows TWS (True Wireless Stereo) design and the added benefit of Bluetooth 5.0 which quadruples the distant between the device and the source! Better sound & better data transfer rate.

🎧 Single & Double for Calls or Music

Listen and talk through both earpieces, you can take a call through either earbud. Supports in-sync functionality to enjoy premium stereo sound. Differentiating from the other cheap knockoffs, the Zenovo RX9 wireless earbuds provide Hi-Fi stereo sound for both music and phone calls.

🎧 Industry Leading Battery Life

6 hours of continuous talk/listen time. The charging case will provide an additional 4X of charging for power lasting over 24 hours.

🎧 Bluetooth 5.0 Compatibility

RX9 ear pods pair easily with all phone brands & tablets for excellent ease-of-use. Easy and quick to connect, you can enter your immersive music world within 3 seconds.


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$59.99 $120.00

Based on 14 reviews

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  1. Richard

    These came in a few days ago and I started to use them as soon as they arrived. The case is very nice and well made. The ear buds pop into my ears pretty easily. The sound was very good and the outside noise was diminished. For the price these are really worthy to buy. Now I have to buy more for my family.


  2. Jennifer K.

    This pair of earbuds work really well. They are really easy to pair with my cellphone, the sound quality is also great with 2-3 hour battery supporting. They are also noise resistant to a certain degree. Anyway, they are worth buying with such reasonable price under this level of quality.

    Jennifer K.

  3. joye

    I got 2 pairs of air pods already the only reason why I purchased this earbuds because it’s nice design. It’s just look better than my air pods.


  4. alexandra toribio

    It is good I like this wireless headphones. Just dont like that you cant just use one piece if you leave with your phone with one piece in the ear and the other one you leave it home it won’t work. It will get disconnected. It is good for use both at the same time. You can use one piece and leave the other one in your pocket or bag while carrying it with you. But if you leave it some where and move 20 feet apart then the one you intent to you alone will get disconnected. They are like twins gotta stick together lol if you lose one thats it. Well thats what happen to me I couldnt leave one far from me. I had to carry both of them. But for those that intent to use them together like for the gym and driving walking etc these wireless headphones are the bomb. They have great quality sound. Honestly when it comes to the great sound into your ears the price is nothing. They are very cheap the overall quality. And they all very comfortable. Stay put also. You dont have to worry to lose them. So see for youself. You can even use them as ear plugs cuz you wont hear noise once in the ear. I say two in one. I can use these for college while in school or doing work at home.

    alexandra toribio

  5. Chad Dylan

    Purchased these for the gym and just daily use and Love them. They are very easy to connect and the sound quality is very good. The charging case is super slim and they recharge very quickly. I really like that they look like airpods as well. Would highly recommend them.

    Chad Dylan

  6. Mona

    Looks fancy and I’m charging it right now. You can use it separately or both at one time. They turn off easily, I just put it back to container, it disconnect Bluetooth automatically, that’s awesome. I don’t know how long the battery will last. So far I like it. Will update battery life after few tries.6/17/2019 After few days, I can use it for whole day long, just keep charging every night


  7. nanodarcy

    I lost my previous headphones, and I checked online and saw different brands, and finally found this one. I got it last Friday and I have been using it for a few days, and it works very well. The sound quality is good, and battery life is good too. The most important part is that it does not feel uncomforable when you stick the some part into your ear. woops. alomost forgot to mention, the price is good and you will see it worth the moeny you spend.


  8. Grace

    The Hexdeer earbuds is easy to setup and use. It has built-in Microphone. The buttons are allow me to switch the music, answer or hang up a phone call without touch my phone. The earbuds are really lightweight and comfortable wear. They are fits perfectly to my ears. I can jump to next song when I hold the button for a second. The earbuds will be turned off when I hold the button for 3 seconds.


  9. alex

    not too shabby! pretty good option compared to expensive airpods


  10. Jenn

    Had a few shipping problems but they got here. They work well.


  11. Anthony

    There seems to be connection problems at times, but they go away and work in the end. Maybe I received a pair that had a manufacturing problem, everyone else seems to have a fully functioning pair.


  12. Kenneth Shopinski

    Love these! My other headphones and earpods were alright but these work very well. Sound is very clear and high quality, no connection problems, and they’re very comfortable in my ear. Pretty much everything I was looking for and I got them at 50% off, overall pretty damn satisfied.

    Kenneth Shopinski

  13. Ciss

    These earbuds are excellent. I use them all day at work and they have pretty good sound quality. Great bass, great vocals and great highs. They are comfortable and don’t fall out. They are light but not light enough to wear I don’t notice them. If I really get into a task I will forget they are there though. The battery life was excellent and when the battery was low it took only an hour to recharge them in the charging case they come in. The charging case is really nice and small. The earbuds are holding by magnet so they are not falling from the case.


  14. CB

    I’ve tried several wireless blue tooth headphone pairs and none were very good. These are easy to pair, sound great and are comfortable. Charging is simple. I got these so that I could have a single bud to listen to books, while at work, and to have both buds for doing yoga. These are exactly what I needed! These are going to get a LOT of use.