Zentron V4.2 Wireless Headphones – Stereo Over-Ear Foldable Headset

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🎧 Rich, Enhanced Sound

Enjoy bass rich sound, with clearly defined treble. High definition stereo Bluetooth headphones provide richer bass driven sound than traditional stereo headphones.

🎧 Comfort Flex Design

Experience ultimate form , with thick and luxurious padding in soft faux-leather, with extendable headband and adaptive ear cups from these lightweight headphones

🎧 Perfect Audio and Video Sync

Bluetooth technology lets you enjoy sound perfectly limp synched with the TV show or Movie you are watching, no delay

🎧 Bluetooth v4.1

A2DP multipoint support, connect through Bluetooth or use the included 3.5mm audio cable. Connect Two Devices at the same time and switch between sources such as TV and Smartphone or Smartphone and computer.

🎧 USB and 3.5mm Line in

Listen to your music even when the battery is flat, either by connecting the headphones with the 3.5mm audio Jack Cable, or whilst charging them via USB on your computer or Laptop.

🎧 15-20 Hours of Playback

Enjoy your music wirelessly throughout the whole day with a battery life of 15-20 hours. 200 hours of standby time – you can go days without having to charge the headset frequently.


Based on 18 reviews

3.8 overall

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  1. Federico Solera Viquez

    Un aumento de volumen extraordinario y sonidos graves que se sienten de verdad, es un producto ideal para personas con deficiencias auditivas y adultos mayores, en general estoy muy complacido aunque el rango de alcance del Bluetooth es pobre

    Federico Solera Viquez

  2. kelly johnson

    Easy to pair, but then after another charge they needed paired again. Only used for one day, so we will see if that’s the case today. Nice headphones, quick delivery. Are working great now that we have had a few days to try them. I would buy them again.

    kelly johnson

  3. Gee

    I have different kinds of headphones, mostly expensive ones. This time around I wanted something that had a really loud bass sound but with a low cost. For some music you just need loud bass; enough to move you. These do the job for me. I’m not an audiophile by any stretch of the imagination, but I know what I like and I really like these headphones. Yes, they are plastic but I like the simple basic look of them. They’re also extremely lightweight. I was pleasantly surprised by these AMT30 wireless headphones and I’m very happy I purchased them.


  4. mr3

    These have a nice look to them everything else not good. They sound cheap and bass is average not heavy like described. Also my biggest issue very uncomfortable. All plastic and tight on head. If you want good bass on cheap side go with Soundpeats. But I guess I can’t complain much as these were only $15. So got what I paid for. However Soundpeats cost $30 and those ones felt and sound much higher quality.


  5. B Gordon Packard

    Excellent headphones! Paired immediately with two of my computers. Sound is outstanding in all respects. I have hearing difficulties and these headphones resolve all of them providing very clear sound in every way. My only take-away is that I had trouble making out the “on/off” button. A color marking of the various buttons would make this problem go away and would be helpful in all uses of the headphones.

    B Gordon Packard


    Well I just need new headphones for working out at the gym. Really didn’t feel like paying a lot. But you can tell that these are cheaply made but they do the trick for now. Will write a more well produce review once I take them to the gym.


  7. Lala Bravo

    They are very comfortable to wear, even with my hoop-earrings on. The sound is great. It keeps the outside noise out. I also like how they connected to my iphone super quick.

    Lala Bravo

  8. jeftin

    A bit cheap but not terrible for the price I suppose. I’d still go 2/5 stars


  9. lefty

    bought headphns but not all thgat great


  10. Kathy K.

    They aren’t super expensive headphones or anything, and I’m aware of the price I paid, but they still fall a bit short of standard.

    Kathy K.

  11. jrt

    Not bad!


  12. poolol

    Arrived in bad condition from shipment, but they came in original packaging so it looks like they were handled poorly. Broken parts


  13. dan

    Good quality, solid headphones. Good price point too


  14. justin t.

    Totally not worth it

    justin t.

  15. fendoit

    better choices out there


  16. Badlife

    I found out that if my hair, which comes down to the top half of my ear, is not pushed out of the way, the phones will not be over my ears, only on top. Once the hair is moved my ears will fit inside of the headphones. The sound is perfect, and not like from a plastic radio. My goodness they sound really good. This is with blue tooth only. Wire it in and the performance drops to no mid range. The signal is about twenty to thirty feet. The metal inside the corners of the walls will make the sound click. The speaker grill dosen’t push or rub that part of the ear like many more wired headphones, yes I’m talking to you Sony, with you MDR-XB400 green headphones. Betron makes good wireless headphones. One complaint ..one can not adjust the volume down to listen to music in comfort. It beeps off if you don’t want it to be loud. So, my ears ring while and after listening to music. I’m going to buy a pair like my son’s witch are MPOW . The volume can be turned down all the way.


  17. Kasey Kees

    These are a great pair of wireless headphones at the $20 price point. I got them for $15 as a lightning deal, but would not have been disappointed. They are for my 11 y/o kid and little ears fit inside just fine. They are great headphones for a kid you suspect may destroy a more expensive pair regardless of build quality… so, while they’re not the last pair of headphones you’ll ever own, they certainly make for a great first pair of wireless. The sound is passable and compares to other on ear headphones at twice the price. The battery life matches that of most kids tablets. Over all if you’ve got a small noggin and are looking for a cheap pair of wireless headphones I would recommend buying them to a family member.

    Kasey Kees

  18. TOLC

    I bought these headphones for my 12 year old son. His pretty satisfied with them. He does believe that they are not very durable so he must take good care in.Using them so they don’t break. But overall they’re a decent headphones for the money.